Blazinger is a Metal Artifact with Torture skills. He can apply Shock and Burn to all enemies, while sacrificing his Trait, or apply Nanovirus to all enemies while he gains Anticipation. On another one of his skills, he can lose his negative status effects and heal by 50% and then cast a 30% Shield to protect all his allies. Blazinger has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he's Tough, and at rank 3, he becomes an Artifact.


Thumb-Lord Moltus
Thumb-Scrap WarriorThumb-TankerionThumb-Patient Cyber
Players are also rewarded with Cell-m15xThumb-Blazinger for every successful breeding.

Survival Dungeon

Gr-news-survival-generic v1
Once a player has successfully bred one of the monsters above, they will receive a special Gr-token-key-metal v1 token that unlocks the survival dungeon. In order to receive the token (and any bonus cells), the monster must be in the hatchery before the breeding event expires.

This is a special dungeon where players' monsters do not recover life or stamina between battles. Once a monster is killed, it is unusable unless the players spend gems. This survival dungeon has a metal element restriction.


Node Reward
5 Cell-m25xThumb-Blazinger
10 Cell-m25xThumb-Blazinger
15 Cell-m25xThumb-Blazinger
20 Cell-m50xThumb-Blazinger
25 Cell-m75xThumb-Blazinger
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