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Boosts are a buildings that increase the amount of gold produced (+10%) by nearby monsters of the same element as the boost. The effects of multiple boosts are added together. Boosts are 1 by 1 units in size and the radius for their area of effect is 8 units.


Boost Element Level Cost Exp. Build Icono reloj.png
Boost-Fire.png fire 20 1,000,000Gold Bar Icon.png 500,000Xp template.png 1d
Boost-Nature.png Icono natural.png 24 1,500,000Gold Bar Icon.png 750,000Xp template.png 1d 12h
Boost-Earth.png Icono earth.png 28 2,000,000Gold Bar Icon.png 1,000,000Xp template.png 2d
Boost-Thunder.png Icono electric.png 32 2,750,000Gold Bar Icon.png 1,375,000Xp template.png 2d 12h
Boost-Water.png Icono water.png 36 3,500,000Gold Bar Icon.png 1,750,000Xp template.png 3d
Boost-Dark.png Icono dark.png 40 4,000,000Gold Bar Icon.png 2,000,000Xp template.png 3d 12h
Boost-Magic.png Icono magic.png 44 4,500,000Gold Bar Icon.png 2,225,000Xp template.png 4d
Boost-Light.png Icono light.png 46 5,000,000Gold Bar Icon.png 2,500,000Xp template.png 1d 4h
Boost-Metal.png Icono metal.png 48 5,500,000Gold Bar Icon.png 2,750,000Xp template.png 12h