Breeding Mountain

Breeding involves combining to monsters to result in another monster. Only certain monsters are breedable, although unbreedable monster are regularly offered or rewarded during breeding events.

Monsters breed at the Breeding Mountain. If you want to discover all the monster species, then this is the place to be. Speed up the breeding process with gems!

The Breeding Mountain is a default building players have at the start of the game. As such, it cannot be purchased, sold, or stored. The Breeding Mountain also can display a Breeding Log, listing the last 100 breedings the players performed, allowing for easier repetition. It is a 5x5 unit building. Players may also press the heart icon at the top of the breeding screen to filter monsters used in any breeding recipes or in any current breeding events.

A monster with a single element cannot breed with a monster that contains its "opposite" element:

Instead, two hybrid monsters must be bred together. For example, Firesaur and Light Spirit cannot breed together. Rather, a hybrid monster with the fire element can breed with a hybrid monster with the light element. Special and metal monsters have no opposites or breeding restrictions.

Breeding Times

15 seconds
Thumb-TreezardThumb-FiresaurThumb-PandaThumb-Fire Lion
30 seconds
2 minutes
3 minutes
6 minutes

1 hour
2 hours
2 hours 30 minutes
3 hours 30 minutes
Thumb-UtochompThumb-FlickieThumb-ObsidiaThumb-Terror Dactyl
4 hours
Thumb-Thunder EagleThumb-Mersnake

5 hours
6 hours
9 hours

13 hours
Thumb-VixsunThumb-Light SphinxThumb-Blesstle
15 hours
16 hours

19 hours
Thumb-Light SpiritThumb-RudiciusThumb-PulseprismThumb-RaaneThumb-ZimThumb-Gravoid
22 hours
Thumb-MetalsaurThumb-MetaselachThumb-Garuda M3Thumb-FornaxThumb-CruxThumb-VortuxThumb-DommeathThumb-Aurinia

1 day 9h
1 day 22h
Icono Legendary

Ultra Breeding Tree


Don't just breed one monster at a time, with the Ultra Breeding Tree you can breed an additional monster! If you love to experiment and discover new monsters, this will be an essential part of your island that will double the fun.

Like the Breeding Mountain, the Ultra Breeding Tree may not be stored or sold. It may be purchased from the store for 150Icono gema after which it takes 3 hours to build. It is a 6x6 unit building.

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