A limited-time breeding event gives players a chance to breed otherwise unbreedable monsters. During the event, the combinations below may also result in breeding otherwise unbreedable rare, epic, and legendary monsters.

Legendary breeding events typically allow players to substitute a "joker" monster for one or both of monsters used in the breeding (typically Galante, Violet, Galante Jr. and Urtikus). Breeding both jokers together will not result in the desired monster.

Lastly, many breeding events give additional rewards for successful and unsuccessful breeding attempts, such as maze coins, special tokens, or monster cells.

Latest Breeding Event


Available for 3 days 2 hours. refresh

Thumb-Lord Moltus

Unchained Breeding

Gr-token-unchained v1

A recurring type of breeding event is the Unchained Breeding Event. In these events, upon successful breeding, players will receive an Unchained token, which allows them to unlock chests that give more cells of that monster.

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