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Obtain Doomsday Era Dawn Chests at Dungeons, Daily Mission, and other events, and open them to obtain Doomsday Era Tickets! These Era Tickets will help you advance through this timed challenge, where you'll get ambrosia for reaching milestones.

This Timed Challenge is active for


Action Points
For each Ticket obtained +1


Points Reward
10 2xDoomsday Era Dawn Chest
20 4xDoomsday Era Dawn Chest
30 6xDoomsday Era Dawn Chest
40 10xDoomsday Era Dawn Chest

Ranking Rewards

Additional rewards will be given to players when the Timed Challenge ends, depending on that player's rank among all other players.

Rank Reward
1 4,500x Ambrosia
2 2,000x Ambrosia
3 1,000x Ambrosia
4-50 200x Ambrosia
51-5,000 100x Ambrosia
5,001-500,000 50x Ambrosia
500,001-1,000,000 10x Ambrosia