• Defeat all nodes and conquer the Dungeon!
  • Defeat a Dungeon's guardians to claim incredible treasures!
  • The level of difficulty for most of the Dungeons is designed to match your power as a Monster Master.

Dungeons are a PvE aspect of the game in which players must defeat nodes of enemies to earn rewards. Fighting a node requires the use of 1 Stamina-point. Players will recharge 1 Stamina-point every 10 minutes and have a maximum of 4 Stamina-point (unless players spent gems on the now-defunct Facebook version to have 6 maximum points).

Each dungeon is available for a limited time. A dungeon may restrict the kind of monsters players can use: element, rank, book, rarity, etc. Defeating a node will earn some kind of resource as well as a roulette spin for additional rewards.

Resource Dungeons

The following weekly schedule is now used for resource dungeons:

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Completion typically rewards players with Icono gema.

Runes Dungeon

Completion typically rewards players with multiple runes of various levels and types.

Cells Dungeon

Completion typically rewards players with cells of a particular monster. Elemental Cells Dungeons are available for one day only every weekday. Completion typically rewards players with 7 elemental cells.

Dungeon of Books

Completions gives players an assortment of rewards.

Monster Dungeon

Completion of a monster dungeon rewards players with a free egg of a particular monster.

Survival Dungeon

These are special dungeons where players' monsters do not recover life or stamina between battles. Once a monster is killed, it is unusable unless the players spends gems. Players earn many rewards including elementium and cells.

Maze Coins Dungeon

Only available during Maze Island events.

Premiere/Spotlight Dungeon

Coincide with the release of a special, new legendary monster. Completion of one of these dungeons typically awards players with a statue decoration of the monster and a reduced gem offer to purchase the monster.

Heroic Dungeons

  • These challenging adventures are where players can obtain even more exclusive monsters and rewards!
  • Collect these orbs to unlock battle nodes where you can obtain the super exclusive Warmasters!
  • Battle nodes have unique rules which add a unique buff or debuff to all monsters.

These special, limited time dungeons allow players to earn exclusive rewards, including Warmasters. Each Warmaster Dungeon has 6 floors, the completion of all floors awards enough cells to rank the Warmaster to level 5:

  1. Floor 1 - 40 cells
  2. Floor 2 - 60 cells
  3. Floor 3 - 120 cells
  4. Floor 4 - 150 cells
  5. Floor 5 - 290 cells
  6. Floor 6 - 1,100 cells

Players may only use monsters that share an element with the Warmaster. On Floor 2, players may only use monsters that have been ranked to Rank 1, with the next rank level being required on each subsequent floor.

Each battle also has a Battle Condition. These may be positive ("all monsters begin with evasion") or negative ("all monsters begin stunned").

Unlike Resource Dungeons which utilize Stamina-point, Heroic Dungeons utilize the special resource Heroic-orb. These may be earned in Timed Challenges, Daily Missions, Multiplayer season rewards, or purchased for Icono gema.

A Heroic Dungeons typically lasts for 7 days, Saturday through Friday, after which it is replaced by another Heroic Dungeon. Any progress made in a Heroic Dungeon is saved when that Dungeon repeats.