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Era Saga are special kinds of dungeons that allow players to fight battles and watch cutscenes to follow along the story of the Corrupted Era and Metropolitan Era. The monster that is featured in the saga must be owned before a player can enter the saga, with the other two team slots requiring monster for a book related to that monster. Unlike standard dungeons, sagas do not require stamina.

Each saga has 3 difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. Easy must be completed in order to unlock medium and medium must be completed in order to unlock hard. Higher difficulty levels present stronger monsters, but offer better rewards and roulettes. All 3 difficulty levels present the same story, have the same cutscenes, and use the same monsters in battles.

They provide rewards such as strong Street Talents, Obscure Talents, nebula, lutum, relics, gems, and other great rewards. Gem and lutum rewards for beating nodes are only available for 28 days after the saga releases.

Corrupted Era Sagas

Metropolitan Era Sagas