List of all monsters in the book.


Hoodini H2O Delirious Vanoss Terroriser Vano$$ Lui Calibre Wildcat MMOnster


1,080,000Food, 2,430,000Gold, 14x CellsThe Keeper

1,296,000Food, 2,916,000Gold, 16x CellsThe Keeper

1,620,000Food, 3,645,000Gold, 21x CellsThe Keeper

3,132,000Food, 7,047,000Gold, 40x CellsThe Keeper

3,996,000Food, 8,991,000Gold, 52x CellsThe Keeper

7,992,000Food, 17,982,000Gold, 103x CellsThe Keeper

Nox the Condemned Zyla the Faithful Uther the Valiant Valgar the Pure


2,702,000Food, 20x CellsThe Keeper, 1xStrength Level 8

3,242,000Food, 24x CellsThe Keeper, 2xStrength Level 8

4,053,000Food, 30x CellsThe Keeper, 3xStrength Level 8

7,835,000Food, 58x CellsThe Keeper, 4xStrength Level 8

9,997,000Food, 74x CellsThe Keeper, 5xStrength Level 8

19,994,000Food, 148x CellsThe Keeper, 6xStrength Level 8

Osur the Brave Hydrok the Forgotten Scarr the Outcast Hiroim the Tenacious Kaih the Eradicator


3,546,000Food, 35xElementium Cells, 1xTeam Speed Level 9

4,255,000Food, 42xElementium Cells, 2xTeam Speed Level 9

5,319,000Food, 52xElementium Cells, 3xTeam Speed Level 9

10,283,000Food, 101xElementium Cells, 4xTeam Speed Level 9

13,120,000Food, 129xElementium Cells, 5xTeam Speed Level 9

26,240,000Food, 259xElementium Cells, 6xTeam Speed Level 9

Hydratila the Icebringer Hydratila the Boltcaster Hydratila the Riftmaker Lucifire the Lifemelter Lucifire the Hopefreezer Lucifire the Helltaser Guava Juice Patrion


1,250,000Food, 20x CellsThe Keeper, 1xStrength Level 8

1,500,000Food, 24x CellsThe Keeper, 2xStrength Level 8

1,875,000Food, 30x CellsThe Keeper, 3xStrength Level 8

3,625,000Food, 58x CellsThe Keeper, 4xStrength Level 8

4,625,000Food, 74x CellsThe Keeper, 5xStrength Level 8

9,250,000Food, 148x CellsThe Keeper, 6xStrength Level 8

Warthak the Skullcrusher Warthak the Mountainsplitter Warthak the Sunbringer Samael the Disease Spreader Samael the Fever Scatterer Samael the Plague Carrier


1,350,000Food, 35xElementium Cells, 1xLife Level 8

1,620,000Food, 42xElementium Cells, 2xLife Level 8

2,025,000Food, 52xElementium Cells, 3xLife Level 8

3,915,000Food, 101xElementium Cells, 4xLife Level 8

4,995,000Food, 129xElementium Cells, 5xLife Level 8

9,990,000Food, 259xElementium Cells, 6xLife Level 8

Llum the Light of Freedom Llum the Iron Leader Llum the Magical Matriarch Nadiel the Deforestator Nadiel the Pyromancer Nadiel the Flooder Cloud Ingenica


1,500,000Food, 20x CellsThe Keeper, 1xLife Level 9

1,800,000Food, 24x CellsThe Keeper, 2xLife Level 9

2,250,000Food, 30x CellsThe Keeper, 3xLife Level 9

4,350,000Food, 58x CellsThe Keeper, 4xLife Level 9

5,550,000Food, 74x CellsThe Keeper, 5xLife Level 9

11,100,000Food, 148x CellsThe Keeper, 6xLife Level 9

Prototyperion Hippierion Sweeperion Xiron the Quartz Xiron the Emerald Xiron the Ruby


1,400,000Food, 15x CellsThe Keeper, 25xElementium Cells

1,680,000Food, 18x CellsThe Keeper, 30xElementium Cells

2,100,000Food, 22x CellsThe Keeper, 37xElementium Cells

4,060,000Food, 43x CellsThe Keeper, 72xElementium Cells

5,180,000Food, 55x CellsThe Keeper, 92xElementium Cells

10,360,000Food, 111x CellsThe Keeper, 185xElementium Cells

Faraday the Electrolyzer Faraday the Discharger Faraday the Obscure Talos the Automaton Talos the Island Protector Talos the Forgotten Artifact Tijen Warmaster Gortak


1,500,000Food, 10x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 1xStrength Level 9

1,800,000Food, 12x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 2xStrength Level 9

2,250,000Food, 15x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 3xStrength Level 9

4,350,000Food, 29x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 4xStrength Level 9

5,550,000Food, 37x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 5xStrength Level 9

11,100,000Food, 74x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 6xStrength Level 9

Warmaster Barbael Warmaster Necromancer iMigbo Warmaster Elvira Warmaster Thalassa Warmaster Zahra Warmaster Babari Warmaster Remntar


1,600,000Food, 10x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 1xSpeed Level 9

1,920,000Food, 12x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 2xSpeed Level 9

2,400,000Food, 15x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 3xSpeed Level 9

4,640,000Food, 29x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 4xSpeed Level 9

5,920,000Food, 37x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 5xSpeed Level 9

11,840,000Food, 74x CellsHydratila the Icebringer, 6xSpeed Level 9

Warmaster Sherezar Warmaster Ragnarok Lord Pumpseed Wildbird Wickah Thundeer Zenfira Nisael


1,700,000Food, 10x CellsXiron the Ruby, 1xLife Level 10

2,040,000Food, 12x CellsXiron the Ruby, 2xLife Level 10

2,550,000Food, 15x CellsXiron the Ruby, 3xLife Level 10

4,930,000Food, 29x CellsXiron the Ruby, 4xLife Level 10

6,290,000Food, 37x CellsXiron the Ruby, 5xLife Level 10

12,580,000Food, 74x CellsXiron the Ruby, 6xLife Level 10

Santerion Rubellus Crabbydroid PZ Ronin Lamia Korruptus LazarBeam


1,600,000Food, 20x CellsArmor Claw, 1xSpeed Level 9

1,920,000Food, 30x CellsArmor Claw}, 2xSpeed Level 9

2,400,000Food, 50x CellsArmor Claw}, 3xSpeed Level 9

4,640,000Food, 100x CellsArmor Claw}, 4xSpeed Level 9

5,920,000Food, 200x CellsArmor Claw}, 5xSpeed Level 9

11,800,000Food, 400x CellsArmor Claw}, 6xSpeed Level 9

Armor Claw Mr Beast Vanoss2099 TeddieVR Witchkat LazarBeam2099 Roboelf The Hacksmith


1,600,000Food, 20x CellsLazarBeam, 1xSpeed Level 9

1,920,000Food, 30x CellsLazarBeam, 2xSpeed Level 9

2,400,000Food, 50x CellsLazarBeam, 3xSpeed Level 9

4,640,000Food, 100x CellsLazarBeam, 4xSpeed Level 9

5,920,000Food, 200x CellsLazarBeam, 5xSpeed Level 9

11,800,000Food, 400x CellsLazarBeam, 6xSpeed Level 9

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