Gems are the premium currency in Monster Legends. Players can earn gems gradually through gameplay, but the fastest way to get them is by purchasing them using real life money. Gems are mainly used to speedup upgrades, actions, and purchasing Monsters, Cells, Gold, and Food.

Obtaining Free Gems

Players can earn gems gradually through gameplay by:

Gems Packs

Pack Name Gems Price Cost per Gem
Couple of Gems 25 $1.99 $.079
Some Gems 65 $4.99 $.076
Handful of Gems 140 $9.99 $.071
Bucket of Gems 300 $19.99 $.066
Small Chest of Gems 465 $29.99 $.064
Large Chest of Gems 800 $49.99 $.062
Giant Chest of Gems 1,700 $99.99 $.058
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