Gems are the premium currency in Monster Legends. You can earn gems gradually through gameplay, but the main way to get them is by purchasing them using real life money. Gems are mainly used to speedup upgrades, actions, and purchasing Gold and Food.

How to obtain Gems

You can earn gems gradually through gameplay in Monster Legends.

  • Earn Gems by collecting the Daily Bonus. For most players, the fifth day's reward is one Gem.
    • For a selected few in testing (the player must be in selected countries for this to happen), all five rewards are actually an amount of Gems, the first day's reward is one gem, the second reward is two gems, the third reward is three gems, the fourth reward is four gems, and the fifth reward is five gems.

Purchasing Gems

Gems Packs

Pack Name Amount of Gems Price in US Dollars
Some Gems
Bowl of gems $4.99
Vase of gems 140
Bronse Gems Vase 300 $19.99
Silver Gems Vase 800 $49.99
Golden Gems Vase 1,700 $99.99
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