Quick! The Hackster Challenge has started and, for a short time, you have a chance of obtaining this Metal Control monster with area Stun abilities and Hack skills! Did you know that the Hack status effect can bypass Immunity to Possession? It can be fun to Hack an enemy and give him Double Damage... let Hackster try it out on Attackers! And don't miss his special skill which can hack all enemies for 2 turns.

This event is a mini-progressive event with only one reward. It lasts for only one day.


Item-collect-gold Item-feed-monster Item-fight Item-breed-monster Item-hatch-egg
33 18 3 5 5


hackstermicroprog-island-background-01.jpg hackstermicroprog-island-background-02.jpg hackstermicroprog-island-main-view-bg.jpg

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