Ic-timedchallenge-buy-gems v1
King of Gems is a Timed Challenge that occurs intermittently. Players earn points for purchasing gems from the in-game store. See Current Events and Boosts to see if this Timed Challenge is active.

Click here to view past iterations of this timed challenge.


Action Points
For each Gem purchased +1


Points Reward
60 85,000xFeeding
500 12xRelic silver chest
1,500 Thumb-Rekka
2,500 10xGr-cosmic-era-chest closed v1
3,500 Cell-l150xThumb-Rekka
8,000 Cell-l200xThumb-Rekka
10,000 15xGr-cosmic-era-chest closed v1
11,000 Strength-level-10
15,000 Ic-relic-essence-diamond5 v1
20,000 30xGr-cosmic-era-chest closed v1
30,000 2xMutant-speed-life-level-s
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