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The Legends Pass unlocks unique rewards and perks with challenge points. Two types of passes exist: Legends Pass and Golden Legends Pass. The Legends Pass is available for free for all players while the Golden Legends Pass requires a purchase to unlock. Both passes last for 28 days. Rewards and perks are only available during the current Legends Pass.

The current Legends Pass will expire in

Challenge Points

Challenge Points

Completing challenges will earn players with a corresponding number of challenge points. Some challenges are daily challenges that will refresh each day. Other challenges are weekly challenges. Weekly challenges may still be completed after the week is over, although new weekly challenges will be available for completion. Earning challenge points will unlock new rewards and perks for players.

Daily challenges include:

Weekly challenges include:

  • Winning multiplayer battles using monsters of a certain element or from a certain book
  • Completing dungeon nodes
  • Completing Adventure Map nodes
  • Purchasing a number of cells from the Monster Lab
  • Crafting runes of a certain level (or higher)
  • Breeding monsters of a certain rarity
  • Crafting monsters of a certain rarity
  • Breeding together monsters of certain elements
  • Opening wooden chests

Golden Legends Pass

Golden Legends Pass

Purchasing the Golden Legends Pass grants immediate rewards:

  • Exclusive avatar and frame
  • Unlocking 1 extra Hatchery slot, 1 extra Worker, and 100% to food and gold production
  • 30% boost to challenge point earnings
  • Heroic Orb discounts
  • Lowered restrictions in the Warmaster Dungeon of the month
  • Ability to skip nodes and immediately claim their reward

The Golden Legends Pass also allows players to earn great rewards in addition to the Free Legends Pass rewards. These rewards typically include:

Players may purchase the Golden Legends Pass at any point during the month it is active. However, the cost is usually discounted during the first week of its release.