Enter the ancient Library to help the mysterious Keeper to fill his Books portraying all the Monster Legends. Gather collections of monsters to earn unique rewards and compete with others to become the best Collector!

The Library is a small island that becomes available at player level 14, costs 20,000Gold, and takes 6 hours to repair. Once repaired, players can begin earning rewards for completing collections of monsters, called Books.

Players can earn food, gold, runes, monster cells, and an exclusive legendary monster, The Keeper. Particular monsters must be hatched by the player in order to complete that chapter and earn its rewards. The chapter may be completed again by ranking up each of those monsters, earning even better rewards. The final chapter of each book may be incomplete until new monsters are released. In that event, the library will display, "Rewards will be available once all the monsters have been revealed."

Books are also used as combat parameters in Dungeons, Team Wars, and Team Battlegrounds.


Books and rewards:

Limited Time

List of monsters in each book:

Limited Time

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