Maze Islands are events where players can earn previously released and brand new monsters as well as rewards. See previous maze island events.

Maze Coins

The main goal is to collect Maze-coin. Maze Coins can be collected by performing various actions in the game: collect Gold and Food; fight in the Multiplayer mode; breed, hatch, and feed monsters.

Each player has a "pool" of maximum maze coins they can collect for each action in the game. Over time, that pool refills and is completely refilled after 4 hours. The maximum pool size is as follows:

  • Collect Gold - 30Maze-coin
  • Collect Food - 50Maze-coin
  • Fight in Multiplayer mode - 15Maze-coin
  • Breed - 50Maze-coin
  • Hatch - 50Maze-coin
  • Feed -30Maze-coin

Each time a player completes an action, they have a chance to receive a certain number of maze coins:

Throughout the Maze Event, Monsterwood will offer a Maze Coin Happy Hour. This allows players to watch many videos, earning 20Maze-coin for each video. Typically, players are able to view up to 20 videos in one sitting, earning up to 400Maze-coin.

Maze Paths


Help monsters escape the maze by making them move along their paths. You'll be able to claim them once they reach the end of the maze! Each move costs Maze Coins.


Some monsters are caged. Even though every node will give you a reward, you need to find the nodes with the keys to free the caged monsters!


There are battle nodes that require you to fight. Win the battle to continue your journey!

Additional Information

For one hour on most weekdays, a happy hour will be in effect, reducing the maze coin cost for each move in the maze. Most discounts are 10% off, although typically there are one or two 30% discounts. Historically, the discount times would be known in advance, however, this information is no longer publicly available.

Often when performing a task, the player will not receive any maze coins. A common fix is to force quit the game, restart it, and perform the action again.

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