Would you dare enter the rather unorthodox Monster Lab of Dr. Viktor?

Through his experiments, discover how to extract monster cells from monsters and use them to rank up identical ones, as well as how to craft brand new monster eggs from cells.

The Lab

The Monster Lab is available to players once they reach level 20. Once repaired, the lab can be upgraded to allow more features:

Level Min Lvl Cost Time New Feature(s)
1 Monster-lab-1 - - - -
2 Monster-lab-2 20Icono exp 50kGold Bar Icon 2dIcono reloj shop, crafting, vault,
to rank 1
3 Monster-lab-3 25Icono exp 500kGold Bar Icon 6hIcono reloj to rank 2
4 Monster-lab-4 30Icono exp 2mGold Bar Icon 12hIcono reloj to rank 3
5 Monster-lab-5 35Icono exp 10mGold Bar Icon 1dIcono reloj to rank 4
6 Monster-lab-6 45Icono exp 50mGold Bar Icon 1d12hIcono reloj to rank 5

The maximum rank you can reach is limited by the Monster Lab's level: upgrade it to take full advantage of the Monster Cells!


Monster Cells

Monster cells are pieces of monsters you can use to craft or upgrade other monsters of the same kind. There are as many different kinds of monster cells as there are monsters in the game!


Elemental cells can replace the missing monster cells of any monster of a specific element you want to craft or rank up. As elemental cells are very valuable, they cannot be donated in Team Chat.


You can request or donate monster cells to your teammates using the Team Chat. Donating cells will reward you with XP, gold, and War Coins!


The number of cells a player can receive/donate is restricted by their player level and the rarity of the cells requested:

Player level
Icono Legendary
Icono Mythic
20-24Icono exp 5/10 5/10 2/5 1/1 0/0 0
25-29Icono exp 5/10 5/10 2/5 1/2 0/0 0
30-39Icono exp 10/20 10/20 5/10 2/5 1/1 0
40-49Icono exp 15/30 15/30 10/20 5/10 2/2 0
50-59Icono exp 20/40 20/40 15/30 7/15 3/3 0
60-69Icono exp 25/50 20/40 15/30 7/15 4/4 0
70+ Icono exp 25/50 20/40 15/30 10/15 5/5 0

Mythic, Warmaster, Forsaken, Elite, Nemesis, VIP, and Lord Pumpseed cells may not be requested or donated in the Team Chat.


Dr. Viktor is always on the lookout for new Monster Cells. Visit his Shop regularly to discover new selections of monster cells available for purchase!

The shop is where players may purchase cells. The selection rotates every 12 hours. Most cells cost Icono gema but rare monsters may be purchased for Gold Bar Icon when available. The purchase price increases with subsequent purchases. Sales are a regular occurrence where cells may be purchased at a discounted price or more cells may be purchased at a time.


You can earn monster cells as rewards throughout the game, and also extract them directly from a monster. But be careful, that monster will disappear completely in the process!

See also: Extracting Cells

Rank Up

Each type of monster cell can be used to rank up monsters of the same kind.


Ranked-up monsters can level up beyond their natural maximum level, thus becoming stronger, faster, and more resilient than their peers!

See also: Ranking Up


Once you have collected 100 monster cells, you can place them into a crafting pod to create a brand new egg. You can use elementium or elemental cells to replace most missing monster cells. Warmasters, Forsaken (and Lord Pumpseed), and mythic monsters may not be crafted using elementium or elemental cells.


Crafting takes time. Once an egg is crafted, it will be placed in the hatchery.


All the cells you own are stored in this place. You can have a look at your collection at any time!



In order to extract, rank up, or craft monsters, a pod must be available. The first pod is always free. If, however, it is occupied, players may temporarily purchase another pod for Icono gema. Common, uncommon, and rare monsters cost 1 Icono gema, epic monsters cost 11 Icono gema, and legendary monsters cost 14 Icono gema.


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