Monster Legends is a free-to-play game on mobile devices developed and published by Spain-based developer, SocialPoint.



Original, default loading screen.

Many years ago, a great fire disaster ruined a kingdom, forcing a few survivors to flee through a malfunctioning portal of space and time. The portal distorted the survivors into monsters, and they landed on an island surrounded by six other islands.


In the beginning, Pandalf guides players through a tutorial on the basics of play.

Adventure Map

The Adventure Map is the main portion of Monster Legends for new players. Here, the player must battle against enemy monsters using three of their own selected Monsters.

The Adventure Map has over 400 levels, with a miniboss every 5 levels and a boss every ten levels. The reward for winning a level is food and gold, and the player's surviving monsters will gain experience and level up after gaining enough XP.


Dungeons are limited time areas where players earn food, gold, gems, runes, relics, monsters, or cells. Heroic Dungeons are more challenging areas that grant exclusive monsters and prizes.


Multiplayer is a player vs player portion of Monster Legends. Here, the player can battle other players for a chance to steal their gold and food, earn trophies, and compete in seasons for other rewards.


Players can join together to form teams to compete in Team Wars, Races, and Team Battlegrounds.


Monsters are the titular point of Monster Legends. There are ten different elements of monsters available. Monsters can be of one element or two elements.


Breeding is how players get more monsters, although most monsters are not breedable.


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