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Below are some frequently asked questions about the Wiki and about Monster Legends generally. Discussions asking one of these questions will likely be locked after they're answered or directed to this page.


1.  Hey, the information on this page isn't right or complete!

Look at the top of the page.  Does it have a big banner right at the top that says it's under construction?  If so, then don't whine about the information being wrong!  Read, people!

Does it not have the banner?  Leave a comment about the inaccuracy.  Or better yet, edit it yourself!  It is a wiki after all.

2.  Editing Guidelines

Every wiki community has its own Manual of Style .  Check ours out and keep our wiki looking great.

3.  What do these abbreviations mean?

  • NER and PER - Negative Effects Removal and Positive Effects Removal
  • CDA - Cooldowns Activated
  • DOT - Damage Over Time
  • OFA - One For All (a type of node during a race)
  • DYP - Do Your Part (a type of node duirng a race)
  • JE - Joint Effort (a type of node during a race)


4.  Which monster is better?  Is this monster good?

While there are some monsters that are objectively better than others, it really depends on the context.  Specifically, what monsters do you have to choose from?  The better question to ask yourself is "What role does this monster fill?" and "How does it compare to other monsters I have that also fill that role?"  If you don't have any other monsters of that rarity, element, or book that fill that role, then it doesn't matter if the monster is that good.  Use it until you come across a better monster.  Check out this blog post for a more detailed explanation on this topic.

5.  How can I breed this monster?  Are there any other ways to breed it?

This wiki is filled with great information.  Just look up the monster and the page will tell you how to breed it.  If it says it's unbreedable, then it's unbreedable.  We also have a page dedicated just to the combos for breeding legendary monsters.

6.  How did I just breed this monster?!

Almost every day, there is a special breeding event happening.  If you're going for that special monster, you'll find that you'll get some rare, epic, or even legendary monsters as a result.  It's just the result of the event.  Check out this blog post for most details on this topic.

7.  If I can't breed this monster, how am I supposed to get it?

Social Point is pretty generous with rewards.  Monsters or their cells are often given as reward during events, in roulette spins, and in chests.  Also keep an eye on the shop and the Monster Lab shop to possibly buy the monster.  Just keep playing, you'll have an opportunity to get that monster you've got your eye on.

8.  I've tried a bunch of times and haven't bred the monster, what gives?

The probabilities of getting a monster with a particular combination are listed on that monster's page.  All of them are pretty low (especially the legendaries).  Just keep trying, you'll get them eventually. For breeding events, we don't know what the probabilities are. General assumption is around 5%, but we don't know that for sure. If we knew the probabilities, we'd list them.

9.  How long does it take to breed this monster/I'm breeding a monster with X breeding time, is that the monster I'm trying to get?

We have a page dedicated to listing the breeding times of every monster and it includes the discount times for the Breeding Guardian at each level. Check it out here.


10.  When are the discount times?

Typical maze discount times for larger maze events are listed here.

For single path "mazes" there is typically a 20% discount for the first several hours of the event.  Then, there is a 10% discount for several hours.  After the discounts expire, there are no discount times for the remainder of the event.

11.  I have X maze coins, will that get me X monster?

We try to present as much information as possible on our articles.  Check out the page for that maze and take a look at the various tables.  We'll tell you the TOTAL costs to get that particular monster (including the costs of any keys you'll need to unlock that monster).  Then (when viewing on desktop) we'll break down all the nodes, along with a running total of the costs so you can see how much more you'll need to complete that path or get that particular reward you want.

Keep in mind, these mazes have A LOT of data in them, so it may take us a day or two after the event starts before we have everything in.  Just sit tight until we can get it done (or if you have the information, feel free to contribute yourself!).

12.  This one table I found on Discord has different costs than the wiki. Which one is right?

Some tables that get provided have the maze coins you'll obtain in the path deducted from the total cost. Our tables here don't deduct them. When you view the node-by-node breakdown on this wiki, you're seeing the exact cost for each node.

Progressive Events

13.  How many gems will it cost to get this monster?

That's not how progressives work.  The gem cost for each node is reduced with each item you've collected.  How many gems you decide to spend is your choice.  Check out the page on progressive events for more information.