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The following rules exist to maintain a thriving, cooperative community. Violations of the following can result in being blocked. Please do your part to keep our community happy and healthy!

  1. Treat others with respect. Occasionally disagreements arise, just remember to deal with the argument being made, not the person who made it. Don't resort to name-calling or other insults. Do not harass other users or ping them when they've asked you not to.
  2. Stay on topic. This wiki exists to provide information for and a community to discuss the mobile game Monster Legends. Any other topics of conversation will be deleted. Please do not hijack other people's comment threads to discuss something else.
  3. Vandalism. Intentionally vandalizing wiki articles means you aren't interested in being a part of this community.
  4. Use only one account. Using a second account to spam, circumvent a block, or otherwise disrupt the wiki is not allowed here or anywhere on Fandom.
  5. Do not use excessive vulgarity. While cursing in and of itself is not prohibited, language that is sexual in nature or excessively vulgar is not allowed.
  6. No spamming. Constant pointless comments, discussions, or edits is considered spamming. Articles don't exist to be your personal discussion posts, please Message Walls, Discussions, and Blogs for these sort of things. Be productive in your contributions! Zalgo/glitch text will be deleted.
  7. Community Guidelines. We also have similarly written Community Guidelines for our discussions.
  8. Manual of Style. Our wiki has a Manual of Style which details how pages are formatted to keep everything consistent. Pay attention to the Trivia section, as that seems to trip people up!

With the exception of disrespect and vandalism, most rules violations will not result in an immediate block, but it always depends on the nature of the violation. If an admin deletes or edits some contribution due to a rules violation, don't simply repost it. That was a subtle way of letting you know it was inappropriate without getting on to you! Continued violations after being warned by an admin could also result in a block.