Running out of space in your habitats? This building will allow you to store a large number of monsters, so you can call them to your army whenever you need them!

The Monster Vault is a long-term storage solution for monster collectors. With the maximum habitat limit being 90, players can only house a maximum number of 360 monsters in habitats, far fewer than the total number of unique monsters. The building costs 20,000,000 Icono oro and takes 2 days to build.

Monsters can be directly hatched into it from the Hatchery. Once inside, monsters stop generating gold but can otherwise be used normally in the game without having to be removed.


Storage slots may be purchased with 5 Gr-token-vault-key v1 or Icono gema (see table below). For every player level above 70, players earn 5 Gr-token-vault-key v1 for free. Players may also obtain Gr-token-vault-key v1 as special prizes in the game. Slots may be purchased with Icono gema as follows:

Slots Cost
2 Free
3 1Icono gema
4-5 15Icono gema
6-10 20Icono gema
11-15 25Icono gema
16-20 30Icono gema
21-25 35Icono gema
26-30 40Icono gema
31-35 45Icono gema
36-45 50Icono gema
46-55 55Icono gema
56-65 60Icono gema
66-75 65Icono gema
76-85 70Icono gema
86-100 75Icono gema
101-115 100Icono gema
116-130 115Icono gema
131-145 130Icono gema
146-160 150Icono gema
161-185 175Icono gema
186-200 200Icono gema