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Multiplayer mode is a PvP aspect of the game in which players select any three monsters to fight against an opponent. At the end of each tournament, players are awarded additional prizes based on their ranking. Multiplayer becomes available after the player has reached level 10.


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Players are matched with an opponent from their league. Players will earn trophies for successfully defeating the enemy, but will lose trophies if they are defeated.

Players must set an Attack Team and a Defense Team. The same monster cannot be used on both teams.

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Winning battles earns exclusive multiplayer chests. The chance to obtain each tier of chest is dependent on the player's league (higher leagues having higher chances of obtaining a higher tiered chest). Opening a chest takes time or can be sped up with gems. Only one chest can be being opened at any one time, but players have 3 slots to store chests. Players can purchase another additional slot for 250 gems. The additional slots are only available during the duration of the tournament. Once the slots are full, any chests players earn must be discarded or opened immediately with gems.

The table below displays the reward possibilities for the most recent tournament:

Tier Chest Open Time Gem Cost Guaranteed Reward Additional Possible Rewards
1 Wood 30m Gems 5 2x Nyla the Revenant cellsCell-m.png2x 10-45x rare cellsx10-45 rare cells Gold x9,750 Food x1,050
45% 30% 25%
2 Bronze 1h Gems 10 5x Nyla the Revenant cellsCell-m.png5x 10-45x epic cellsx10-45 epic cells Gold x37,500 Food x3,000
65% 20% 15%
3 Silver 2h Gems 20 12x Nyla the Revenant cellsCell-m.png12x 10-45x legendary cellsx10-45 legendary cells
4 Gold 3h Gems 30 20x Nyla the Revenant cellsCell-m.png20x 10-20x legendary cellsx10-20 mythic cells Mythic Amberx10-20 mythic amber
50% 50%
5 Magic 6h Gems 60 45x Nyla the Revenant cellsCell-m.png45x 10-45x mythiccellsx10-45 mythic cells Mythic Amberx10-45 mythic amber
35% 65%
6 Pure Gold 24h Gems 240 200x Nyla the Revenant cellsCell-m.png200x 10-45x mythiccellsx10-45 mythic cells Mythic Amberx10-45 mythic amber
35% 65%
7 Royal 48h Gems 480 (from slot)

Gems 399 (no free slot)

200x Nyla the Revenant cellsCell-m.png200x

Vault Key x3-8
Gold x100k-1M
Food x100K-1M

100-4,500x old multiplayer monster cellsx100-4,500
old multiplayer
monster cells

Multiplayer Cell Pool

The following monster cells can be rewarded from multiplayer chests:

Rarity Cells
Rare Sludger







Epic Kaori


Burning Rogue

Bonnie Bark


Kimmel's Gift


Sir Francis Rock

Legendary Rador



Baba Yaga



Captain Copperbeard



Mythic Armor Claw


Dr. Wattz


Mr. Beast

Speed-Up Tokens

Tokens can be acquired via the Battle Pass, that can be used to speed up the opening of a multiplayer reward chest by a certain amount of time. There are 5 different tokens that allow you to skip from 15 minutes, up to 24 hours. Tokens can only be used on a chest that is currently being opened.

Token Speed-Up Time
15m Token 15m
1h Token 1h
3h Token 3h
12h Token 12h
24h Token 24h


As player earn and lose trophies, their rank will go up and down and their League may change.

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The higher the league, the better the rewards given at the end of the tournament. Check the Leagues section in the game to see that tournament's rewards.

Gr-help-pvp-3 v1.png

The highest leagues not only require a certain number of trophies, but also require the highest ranks in the tournament.

Gr-help-pvp-4 v1.png

After a tournament ends, players' trophies are reset to the minimum number of trophies required for the league they are in.


League Minimum Trophies
Gr-league-icon-monster-legend v1.png Legendary Leader 7,000

#1 ranked

Gr-league-icon-legendary1 v1.png Legendary I 7,000

top 1000

Gr-league-icon-legendary2 v1.png Legendary II 6,500
Gr-league-icon-legendary3 v1.png Legendary III 6,000
Gr-league-icon-legendary4 v1.png Legendary IV 5,500
Gr-league-icon-champion1 v1.png Champion I 5,000
Gr-league-icon-champion2 v1.png Champion II 4,500
Gr-league-icon-champion3 v1.png Champion III 4,000
Gr-league-icon-gold1 v1.png Gold I 3,500
Gr-league-icon-gold2 v1.png Gold II 3,000
Gr-league-icon-gold3 v1.png Gold III 2,500
Gr-league-icon-silver1 v1.png Silver I 2,000
Gr-league-icon-silver2 v1.png Silver II 1,500
Gr-league-icon-silver3 v1.png Silver III 1,100
Gr-league-icon-bronze1 v1.png Bronze I 700
Gr-league-icon-bronze2 v1.png Bronze II 350
Gr-league-icon-bronze3 v1.png Bronze III 100
Gr-league-icon-beginner v1.png Beginner 1