This is your chance to get some Dark monsters. Breed Countess Flawless, Muerte McBlood, and Krampus bu combining Darkzgul and Rockantium. If you get one of the three monsters, you'll obtain a Quest Key which will unlock a Survival Dungeon where you can get cells for a new monster: Pierceid! But that's not all, for each of the event monsters you breed, you'll get 15 Pierceid Cells! If you haven't been lucky with your breedings, you can get the Quest Key and Pierceid Cells in a chest. Note that to receive the Quest Key and Cells, the monster needs to be on the Hatchery BEFORE the breeding event is over.

Pierceid is a Dark Cooldown Activator and Possessor. She can apply Possession and activate an enemy's cooldowns, as well as applying Tortures (Nightmares and Curse) to them. She has skills that allow her to apply a 3-turn Death Countdown, and even paralyze her enemies from stopping the countdown! Her trait is Abomination (Immunity to Possession, Nightmares, and Bleed) and she can cast True Vision upon herself at the beginning of the battle.


Thumb-Countess FlawlessThumb-Muerte McBloodThumb-Krampus

Survival Dungeon

Gr-news-pierceid-survival v1
Once a player has successfully bred one of the monster above, they will receive a special Gr-token-key-dark v1 token that unlocks the survival dungeon.

This is a special dungeon where players' monsters do not recover life or stamina between battles. Once a monster is killed, it is unusable unless the players spends gems. This survival dungeon has a dark element restriction.


Node Reward
5 Cell-l5xThumb-Pierceid
10 Cell-l5xThumb-Pierceid
15 Cell-l10xThumb-Pierceid
20 Cell-l10xThumb-Pierceid
24 5xElementium
25 Cell-l20xThumb-Pierceid


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