A new Grand Prix has started and there's a Timed Challenge running at the same time! Complete laps to get the Grand Prize and get rewards in the challenge too! This time, the Grand Prize is Gurlik, a Nature Attacker with self-buffs.

He can apply several Tortures such as Poison, Bleed, and Nightmares. One of his attacks is a gamble: He can either gain Triple Damage for 2 turns and an extra turn, or he can transform into a baby instead. As a baby, he can't be targeted, but he can't attack either.

He has an Evolving Trait: He's an Orc (negative status effects have 25% fewer chances of hitting) at rank 0, he gains Gravedigger (Immune to Possession, Corruption, and Nightmares) at rank 3 and at rank 5, he becomes a Status Caster of Self Stun Immunity.

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