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The Team Zeppelin is where players can join or create a team to make new allies and reach a new experience level. Teams allow players to participate in Team Wars to get exclusive monsters.

The Team Zeppelin becomes unlocked at player level 16 and must be rebuilt by spending 1k gold. Construction takes 1 minute.

Once in a team, players can be assigned one of three ranks:

  • Soldier: standard team member
  • Co-leader: able to start wars
  • Leader: highest rank - only one leader allowed

My Team

My Profile

Players can view their Multiplayer stats and current ranking, team information, and basic information of all their monsters.

Team Leagues

Displays the leagues, their requirements, and seasons rewards:

League Trophies Requirement Win War
Lose War
Season Reward
Gr-teamleague-icon-monster-legend v1.png Legendary Leader 5.5k and top team War Medals 275 War Medals 140 War Medals 6,500
Gr-teamleague-icon-legendary1 v1.png Legendary I 5.5k and top 10 War Medals 200 War Medals 100 War Medals 4,500
Gr-teamleague-icon-legendary2 v1.png Legendary II 5.5k and top 25 War Medals 160 War Medals 80 War Medals 3,500
Gr-teamleague-icon-legendary3 v1.png Legendary III 5.5k and top 50 War Medals 130 War Medals 65 War Medals 3,000
Gr-teamleague-icon-legendary4 v1.png Legendary IV 5.5k and top 100 War Medals 100 War Medals 50 War Medals 2,250
Gr-teamleague-icon-champion1 v1.png Champion I 5.5k War Medals 70 War Medals 35 War Medals 1,600
Gr-teamleague-icon-champion2 v1.png Champion II 5k War Medals 50 War Medals 25 War Medals 1,150
Gr-teamleague-icon-champion3 v1.png Champion III 4.5k War Medals 30 War Medals 15 War Medals 700
Gr-teamleague-icon-gold1 v1.png Gold I 4k War Medals 25 War Medals 12 War Medals 550
Gr-teamleague-icon-gold2 v1.png Gold II 3.5k War Medals 20 War Medals 10 War Medals 450
Gr-teamleague-icon-gold3 v1.png Gold III 3k War Medals 15 War Medals 8 War Medals 350
Gr-teamleague-icon-silver1 v1.png Silver I 2.5k War Medals 10 War Medals 5 War Medals 250
Gr-teamleague-icon-silver2 v1.png Silver II 2k War Medals 10 War Medals 4 War Medals 225
Gr-teamleague-icon-silver3 v1.png Silver III 1.5k War Medals 10 War Medals 3 War Medals 200
Gr-teamleague-icon-bronze1 v1.png Bronze I 1k War Medals 5 War Medals 2 War Medals 110
Gr-teamleague-icon-bronze2 v1.png Bronze II 600 War Medals 5 War Medals 1 War Medals 90
Gr-teamleague-icon-bronze3 v1.png Bronze III 300 War Medals 5 War Medals 0 War Medals 75
Gr-teamleague-icon-beginner v1.png Beginner 1 War Medals 0 War Medals 0 none

My Team/Team Rankings/Search Teams

Listing of all current team members, the team's trophies, ranking, and league, and the team's history in recent Team Wars and Races.

Can view the current rankings of all teams. Can also search for teams.

Team Events

Here players can participate in any ongoing Team Wars or Team Battlegrounds.

Team Shop

Exclusive monsters and monster cells are available for purchase in the Team Shop. These offers can only be purchased using War Coins and War Medals and rotate regularly.

See Team Shop for full details.


Players can view the rankings of teams across Monster Legends and search for new teams.

Teams may be open, allowing anyone to join, or they may be private, requiring approval by a Leader or Co-leader. Teams may restrict who can join based on a player's Monster Power.