• Just wanted to thank you again for all your help here.  Would you be interested in joining our admin "team"?  I put team in quotes because, while there is a group of us that discuss aspects of the wiki, ony 2 of us are actually active in editing and maintaining it.  Having an extra set of eyes trying to keep things in order would be very helpful!

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    • That sounds great! I guess I could help out since I only see Sonnocteer and you editing the page

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    • Yep, that would be it!

      General guidelines on moderating.  In the discussion and comments, we do allow cursing, but if anyone's posts are TOO profane, we do step in and moderate.  If people get off topic, I usually just remind them to be on topic rather than anything more drastic.  And one thing that we do NOT tolerate are personal attacks against other users.  I'll delete offending posts and issue a warning to those involved, but subsequent personal attacks should result in a ban.

      I try to do graduated sanctions.  So if someone gets banned, I typically only ban them for 3 days to a week.  However, if someone is clearly just vandalizing a page or pages or does something particularly heinous, I block them for forever even if it's a first offense.

      As you know, we try to include only official information on the wiki, using as much data from in-game as possible.  Look at our Manual of Style for general guidelines on formatting our articles.

      Our wiki team has a private discord chat where we discuss moderation and guideline decisions.  Nowadays it's mostly sharing information and images needed for the wiki.  I see your discord name on your profile, so I'll send you a message there!

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