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    12:43, May 26, 2020

    I have edited Ondana's page! Go check it out! 

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    • Owo

      This is it!

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    • All wikis across Fandom have Manuals of Style to give guidance on how articles should be formatted.  This is done so that there is a consistent way the articles look.  I'd recommend giving ours a look.

      Almost all of your contributions are there (so I'm confused by the level of righteous indignation you're hurling my way), I simply restructured them to bring them in line with how other trivia is written on other monsters.  Outside of certain minor tonal differences, I simplified some of the information you included.  I reordered the items to bring them in the same order as they appear in the skills.  I included the skill name first, so it was clear what was being referenced (Devastress comes to mind as example of how these sections are usually formatted).  I also removed the bolding you included as we (and every other wiki to my knowledge) only use bolding for the first appearance of the article name within the article.  Lastly, as you noted, I removed trivia additions that were obvious or referred to general, nonspecific concepts.

      Secondly, you really need to chill out.  It's a wiki.  "Your" edits aren't being changed.  Rather the articles are being subsequently edited.  That's the nature of wikis.  One person contributes, someone else tweaks or builds upon it.  That's what this process is.

      On another note, next time you have a question, feel free to ask it.  Don't come at people like an angry customer demanding to speak to the manager.

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    • OwO

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    • Lol, I think you're getting super wound up over something that doesn't matter and you're being incredibly combative.  I hope you have a wonderful day and find a more productive use of your energy.

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    • Ah, I see. You evaded my question and escaped so not to answer. Therefore you admitted that you have the awful urge to edit it all yourself. Unless you prove a point? Tell me, why change my obviously on-point definition on Cryonics? I just want an honest answer. I'll stop "bothering" afterwards. 

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    • go chill 

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    • Problem solved! 

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    • Original posts for perpetuity (which are saved in the edit history no matter how many times the comments are deleted or edited):

      1: Excuse me, but, this morning I wanted to add some trivia to JoshDub's page, and, I reckon It was quite correct. Plus, I Added a couple more definitions to Abysmuss' page as well. The question is, why did you change them? Is there something wrong with them? I require a reasonable explanation please. I hope we come to an agreement.

      2: I just saw your contributions and it says that you "reformatted" my edit. What do you mean by "reformatted"? Not everything has to be edited by you, Thesot, there are other people who'd like to contribute to this fandom as well. You know perfectly that my definitions were quite on the spot, maybe the Black hole one wasn't necessary, but what was wrong with Cryonics? Please explain yourself as soon as possible.

      4: Personally, I didn't see the problem with the trivia on Cryonics. It was exactly the same. You and I know perfectly what's happening here. I'll give you the reason on the JoshDub part, but not in the Abysmuss one. There wasn't any type of error that you mentioned. 
      My edit : Cryonics is the technique of deep-freezing the bodies of people who have just died, in the hope that scientific advances may allow them to be revived in the future.
      Yours : Cryonics is the freezing and storage of a deceased in the speculative hope of resurrection in the future.
      You have 0 defense here. Admit it. Why did you have the urge to change my words into yours when they were technically the same? If you just want to edit it all yourself, then just cancel the option of letting others do it. Or AT LEAST message me saying "I changed your edit on the X page because X", no, just do it without nobody noticing because it's your only hobby/entertainment. I urge you to stand your ground immediately. 

      6: Ah, I see. You evaded my question and escaped swiftly like a spotted rat. Therefore you admitted that you have the awful urge to edit it all yourself. Unless you prove a point? Tell me, why change my obviously on-point definition on Cryonic? I just want an honest answer. I'll stop "bothering" afterwards. 

      8: Whatever. I'll just keep editing, but now, with your "advice". Let's see how it goes this time? 

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