Timed Challenges are quests that players compete in over a period of a few days. Each timed challenge typically lasts for 2-3 days. Players earn rewards after reaching certain thresholds and receive even more rewards when the timed challenge ends, depending on their rank compared to all other players. Requirements for rewards of the regular challenges are dependent on player level.

Love Season

See also: Love Season

It's Love Season! Invite your monsters to the Breeding Mountain to get new monsters and earn amazing rewards! The more time spent breeding monsters, the more points you'll get! Keep competing against other players for the chance to win even better prizes!

Gold Fever

See also: Gold Fever

Collect as much gold as possible from your habitats during the event to earn impressive rewards. The more gold collected, the better. In this competition, accumulate points in order to fill the progress bar. Once it's complete, you can compete against other players for the chance to win even better prizes!

Rune Lords

See also: Rune Lords

The Rune Island is shining! Show people who the Lord of the Runes is in our rune challenges. Get as many runes as you can to win special rewards!

Growth Spurt

See also: Growth Spurt

It's time to grow up! Feed your monsters to help them grow bigger, strong, and faster! The more food you use, the bigger the rewards!

Legendary Overlords

See also: Legendary Overlords

Expand your Legendary collection and you'll be rewarded! In the Legendary Overlords Timed Challenge you'll obtain points for hatching and ranking up Legendary monsters. Every time you reach a milestone of points, you'll get a reward!

Dr. Viktor's Patrons

See also: Dr. Viktor's Patrons

Be a good customer to Dr. Viktor and he shall reward you! In this timed challenge, you will get different amounts of points for every Cell obtained in the Monster Lab's Shop. The higher the rarity of the Cells, the more points you'll get for the challenge!

King of Gems

See also: King of Gems

In this Timed Challenge, you will get exclusive rewards every time you reach a milestone in purchasing gems! Find the King of Gems event through the icon on the side of your screen and see the rewards you can get! Remember: Only gems purchased in the Shop will count!

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